Dear friends!

Our next scheduled speed dating events in Moscow are on

Wednesday,  March 13th  from 8PM to 18:30PM at  Club B2 metro Mayakovskaya in the city center

f 20-33 m 23-43

Wednesday,  March 20th  from 8PM to 10:30PM at Club B2 metro Mayakovskaya in the city center

f 20-30 m 20-39

For any questions call +7(495) 227-5951 or text.

We will be happy to see you at our events!

Thank you!

* We do not restrict participation based on age, the limits indicate the age of most of people at the event.



Couldn't imagine that I would find speed dating in Moscow when I first got here ... found City Date over Google search and decided to participate after a nice conversation over the phone with the English-speaking girl who organized the events ... I met a few nice (and cute) girls and the atmosphere was very positive. I can recommend this to anyone new in town.

Phillip, 34


Get ready for the Hawaiian style speed dating party @ club B2 on

Wed, Nov 21th 8PM-10:30PM
f 20-33 m 20-43
CLUB B2 -Mayakovskaya metro station, off Tverskaya Street

Ladies get a Hawaiian style flower for their hair (Hibiscus)! Everyone gets a Luau lei (Hawaiian flower neckless)!

RSVP and Have FUN!

Racing towards romance

Moscow, a city that never sleeps (according to DJ Smash’s 2007 single), has yet another activity to offer both locals and new transplants: speed-dating. On autumn and winter evenings, young and single Muscovites descend upon speed-dating parties to meet new people – and possibly their soulmates.

Speed-dating parties are usually held in restaurants and nightclubs.

“We offer our clients a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere of a restaurant or a nightclub that we book only for them,” Maria, a party organiser from City Date, said.

On average a speed-dating party lasts two hours. During this time, 20-30 men and women get to get to know each on 10-minute mini-dates, each of them marked by a sound of a gong.

“Some 15 per cent of our clients are expats, so our services are available both in Russian and English. Our hostess speaks English,” Maria said.

Speed-dating is considered a fairly safe way for people to find a partner, if they lack time for traditional searches.

“It used to be only for businessmen, but now other professionals come to our parties,” another speed-dating organiser said.


The origins of speed-dating

The ideal atmosphere for a speed-dating party is both romantic and relaxed

It’s been 12 years since the first speed-dating event took place: Pete’s Café in Beverly Hills hosted the first known speed-dating party in 1998. Since then, speed-dating has spread across the US and crossed the Atlantic, eventually reaching Moscow.

Today speed-dating is becoming more and more popular among residents of Moscow – perhaps because Muscovites’ lifestyles have been growing increasingly hectic and going on regular dates is a hassle. 


Where to speed date

Dozens of speed-dating societies and clubs are located around Moscow. The average price for a party ticket is 1500 roubles ($50) – it usually includes both a spot in your age group and a drink. 


Upcoming speed-dating parties in Moscow:


City Date

Phone: 8(495)227 5951 (Russian)
8(495)762 3752 (English)
When: October 20th, Wednesday, 8 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
Where: Restaurant Novikov, Teatralnaya metro


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Reprinted from Moscow News